Vincent Taylor – Player/Builder

Vincent Taylor – Player-Builder1938 -

Vincent was born in Manchester, England in 1938.  The family moved to Scotland at the end of the Second World War, then emigrated to Canada in 1951 and settled in Toronto where the whole family joined the Toronto Cricket Club. Vincent discovered squash at University at about the same time that the Cricket Club put in squash courts and he became a court rat. This began a lifetime love of squash and squash competition that eventually led to winning a number of Ontario, Canadian and other national Masters titles.

His love of squash led him to encourage others to play, particularly young people and he helped establish a successful junior squash development program in Ontario and in Canada. This activity led to an invitation to join the Jesters Club and was also recognized in 1970 by the Ontario Government with the presentation of an Achievement Award.

As Masters squash gained popularity, Vincent was a driving force in helping to create masters squash committees at both the provincial and national levels and sat on both Committees for a number of years.  In this volunteer capacity, he advocated for recognition of masters squash through the development of tournaments specifically for masters players.

In 2009 Vincent was recognized by the Ontario Government for his outstanding contributions to the game of squash in Ontario through its Special Achievement Award.