Leslie Freeman


1955 - 2022

Leslie was initially a badminton player when one day, the squash pro at her home club, dragged her onto a squash court and the rest, as Leslie says, “is history”. It became an integral part of her life.

When Mayfair Lakeshore Racquet Club opened its doors, she was one of the first members. It was here she perfected her singles game. She first joined the house league and then when the Lakeshore was putting together an A team for Toronto & District Women’s League, her name was added to the roster, and she helped the Lakeshore vie for many titles for several years.

Leslie then took up the doubles game and expanded her skills to excel at this game as well and here she found her niche. She racked up a total of 44 tournament titles: 22 Ontario Championships, 18 Canadian Championships, 3 World titles and one US Mixed title.

Leslie didn’t just play in tournaments; she committed many hours to working behind the scenes on tournament committees and chairing a number of events.

Her love of the doubles game motivated her to become involved in refereeing and she became a national level referee for the game. She was a very strong proponent of the national doubles refereeing program and dedicated many hours encouraging more women to become involved in that side of the game. At the same time, she took her doubles game on the road to promote women’s participation and her contributions in this area laid the foundation for a flourishing women’s doubles game, both at the club level and professionally.

Leslie is a member of the Mayfair Lakeshore Racquet Club Hall of Fame and was recognized by the Ontario Government for her volunteer contributions to the game of squash.