Clive Caldwell – Player/Builder

Clive Caldwell1951 -

Clive began playing squash at the Toronto Cricket Club when he was 11 years old. He attended Ridley College in High School and played #1 on their Squash Team. In 1969 he won the Canadian Junior Squash Championships.

Clive went on to capture over 35 Professional singles and doubles events over a 20-year career on the World Professional Squash Association (WPSA) Tour including winning the 1980 and 1982 World Professional Singles Hardball Championships. He also won the 1981 World Hardball Doubles Championship, with the late Mo Khan, who was a British Open champion and a 5X North American Open hardball Champion

During his playing career he also was the President of the Canadian Professional Squash Association and the World Professional Squash Association and is credited with developing the WPSA into the most significant professional squash tour of its time.

Clive began his professional career in the health club business as the Squash Professional of the Cambridge Club at the age of 21. In 1984, Clive left the Cambridge to purchase the Adelaide Club and turned it into one of the most successful fitness clubs in the country.

By 1991, Clive and a partner bought the Cambridge Club and quickly went to work on bringing the club back to financial health and in the late 1990’s, the Cambridge Club bought the storied MAA in Montreal. And in 1999, the Cambridge Group of Clubs purchased the 3 Fitness Institutes.

In 2010, Clive founded the Urban Squash Toronto program; a charitable program combining athletics and education supporting under-served youth. In its short life, over 500 young people have benefitted from the program.

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