Donald Leggat


1929 – 2018

Don Leggat’s record is second to none in the history of Ontario squash. When one thinks that he has won 23 National Championships, countless Ontario Championships as well numerous invitational events in both Canada and the United States, there is no question that his record is outstanding.

Don changed the game of doubles in Canada. We all know the shot called the “Philly”. Well, Don might not have invented it but he sure perfected it . Too, the game was not played high on the court but along came Don Leggat and started to hit the ball high and off many walls. It was not only a defensive shot but also very effective as opponents had no idea where to go. This type of play is common today but guess where most Canadians learned the game; from Don Leggat and the players from The Hamilton Thistle Club.

Don Leggat has been involved for some 50+ years in squash. Few people know of his generosity in sending juniors to play in national events or the fact that he has been a contributing Jester since 1958 or President of The Canadian Squash Racquets Association from 1970 to 1972.

On the court Don Leggat was a fierce competitor, played hard, fair and gave no quarter. Off the court, he has been generous to a fault and helped build our game in Ontario and Canada. Too, a great ambassador for Canadian squash wherever he played.

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