Gary Waite


1966 –

Gary hails from Sarnia Ontario. After having been exposed to squash by his parents Lewis and Janet at the age of 12, Gary came under the care of Jack Clift and his weekend junior squash program and became part of a burgeoning junior squash movement in the area inundating courts at Pinsonneault’s and the Sarnia Riding Club for years to come. Through the tireless efforts of Jack, Lew, Janet and so many other parents at the time Sarnia could lay claim to a National Champion in every age group.

Through the added generosity and guidance of Jack Fairs and the team at Western, Gary garnered more titles than any other junior squash player in the history of Canadian squash. He would continue this trend into the professional ranks to become one of the most decorated professional squash players in the history of the game worldwide. In 1993, while attending Harvard University, Gary could lay claim to being the #1 hardball singles player, #2 hardball doubles player and #12 softball singles player in the World…a feat in combined rankings not achieved by any player in the history of any of the three disciplines and not likely to be duplicated.

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