Peter J. Hall


1943 -

For five decades, Peter has led by example on the court. He has an impressive array of championship titles to his name - seven U.S. Championships (one in hardball and six in doubles), most notably in 1977 partnering with Victor Harding to become the first Canadian team to win the U.S. National Doubles - eight Canadian Championships, including one softball, two hardball and five doubles - fifteen Ontario Championships, primarily doubles. In 1986, Peter and his partner, Andy Pastor, took home a gold medal in the World Masters Games. In the same 1986 World Masters Games, Peter also won the silver medal in the 40+ softball.

As a builder of the game, Peter early on recognized that the foundations of the house of squash must be strong and he put his efforts and dedication into building the game off the court, so much so, that he enters the Hall of Fame as a Builder, although given his on court record, he could easily also be recognized as a Player. In the 1970s, Peter was Chair of the Court Construction Committee for the C.S.R.A. (now Squash Canada). He built and managed the Hamilton Squash Club in 1976 and for many years, the Hamilton Squash Club was a focal point for squash in the Hamilton and Burlington area. He lent his knowledge and expertise to the Hillside Racquet Club in Ancaster where he Chaired it’s junior committee for a number of years. He has Chaired some of the most successful squash events in the country, including the Canadian Hardball Singles and Doubles Championships. In 1970 he was elected a Jester and remains a stalwart and committed supporter of university and junior squash.

Peter’s 50 year dedication to the game of squash has not only contributed to his well deserved entry into the Ontario Squash Hall of Fame, but has been instrumental in the current stature of the game...healthy, thriving and with a very bright future.

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